Sespe Pilsner

Jaunt through the wilderness of your backyard with a spring in your step. Skip across the rushing river and romp through blooms of wildflowers. Then pull from your pack a chilled can of Sespe Pilsner. Oh, what crisp notes of melon rind -- the floral aroma thrives here! Rejoice that a fresh dose of spring can be enjoyed in all seasons, here, within the small but splendid can you hold.

Sespe Pils is a dry hopped pilsner with stylistic influences from Germany and Czech Republic. It's the ideal lighter beer for spring & summertime sipping. Sespe Pilsner is made with Czech Saaz, Hallertau, Hersbrucker, Magnum hops and pilsner malt, giving it crisp floral notes with a hint of melon rind.