Interested in purchasing a keg? Sweet! Please read the ordering details and fill out the form.
Got questions? See the FAQs at the bottom of this page or leave us a note in your order.

How to Order 

1. Fill out the Keg Request form on this page. Please submit Keg Requests at least 7 days before the desired pick-up date.
2. Receive email confirmation of your order along with your confirmed pick-up date.
3. Pick up and pay for your keg at our Ventura headquarters, located at 4880 Colt Street, Ventura, CA 93003, between the hours of 12 pm and 7 pm.
5. To receive your deposit refund, return your keg to our Ventura HQ. Please bring your receipt to ensure the swift refund of the deposit you paid upon pick-up. 

We offer 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrel kegs for purchase.
Both package size and beer brand are subject to availability based on current inventory. We’ll do our best to accommodate!

Beers Available Year-Round:
Chief Peak IPA
Level Line Pale Ale
Dos Topas Lager
Spectro Hazy IPA
Light Hike Kölsch-Style Ale. (1/2 Barrel only)

Beers Available Seasonally:
KQ Express Hoppy Rice Lager (OCT-MAR)
Sespe Pilsner (APR-SEPT)

A $100 deposit is collected at keg purchase. The deposit is refunded when you return the empty keg to the Colt St taproom. 

Barrel Size Beer Price
Chief Peak IPA
1/2  Level Line Pale Ale $225
1/2  Dos Topas Lager $225
1/2 Spectro Hazy IPA $245
1/2 Light Hike Kolsch-Style Ale $246
1/2 KQ Express Hoppy Rice Lager $247
1/2 Sespe Pilsner $248
1/6 Chief Peak IPA $120
Level Line Pale Ale $110
Dos Topas Lager $110
Spectro Hazy IPA
KQ Express Hoppy Rice Lager
Sespe Pilsner


How much beer is in a keg? 
In a 1/2 barrel keg, there are (165) 12oz beers. In a 1/6 barrel keg, there are (56) 12oz beers. 

How much time to place an order?
Please request a keg sale (10) days prior to your preferred pick up. 

Where do I pick up?
Keg pick ups occur at our Colt St taproom location in Ventura during taproom business hours. You can check the most updated taproom hours here

When is my deposit refunded?
When you return your empty to the taproom, please bring your keg deposit receipt. Your refund will be processed upon receipt of the keg at Ventura HQ. Please note, if returning more than 45 days post original purchase, the credit card used to purchase the keg must be present in order to issue your keg deposit refund. 

Do you provide keg pumps?
We do not provide keg pumps, but your local BevMo rents them for a few bucks, or they can be purchased online!

Do you provide buckets?
We do not provide cooling containers or ice, but there are lots of options at your local grocery stores. 

Is there a delivery option?
We do not offer keg deliveries at this time, but come grab a pint at Colt St when you pick up your keg!