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We are beyond stoked to have you back at our taproom spaces as we re-open our locations for dine-in services per the State and County guidance. We want you to know that the safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority. As we continue to take all necessary precautions to keep you all safe, we ask that you read and adhere to the temporary rules below so we can continue to stay safe and stay open.

Please note that curbside takeaway, next-day delivery, and shipping are all still available for you to enjoy as well.

Please visit for more information.


Guest Safety & Guidelines For Dine-In Service:

  • Taproom capacity will be limited to seated customers only with a max of 6 people per group and must be from the same household. We will greet you at the front entrance and guide you to your seat. Air high fives will be given.
  • Once at capacity, tables will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Dining time must be limited to one hour and a half per the County guidelines.
  • Face coverings are required to enter our spaces, but can be removed once you are placed at your seat! If you have to move about the area (bathroom, etc.) we ask that you put your face covering back on.
  • Due to state guidelines, food purchase is required to by beer for onsite consumption. Every tab opened must have a food item. Your hosts and servers will inform you of the required options.
  • For the safety of our customers and staff we ask that you please maintain 6ft distance from other parties. Our tables will be at least 6ft apart from one another, primarily outside.
  • We please ask that all customers stay in their seat at their own table and children and dogs stay with an adult at all times.
  • Per the State, no customers are allowed at the bar at any location.
  • Please note that the sandbox at Colt. St. is currently closed, communal items have been removed at this time and live music is not permitted.
  • If you, or anyone you have come in contact with in the last two weeks has COVID-19 symptoms we ask that you please stay home and help protect our community.


Employee Safety and Guidelines:

  • All employees must wear facemasks for the duration of their shift on the premises.
  • Employees are not allowed to work if they are sick, live with someone who is sick, or have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • All employees will be doing a self-screening assessment for Covid-19 symptoms before arriving to work.
  • Employees must wash hands very regularly. Employees are required to wear gloves during and to wash hands after sanitizing tables, cleaning bathrooms, bussing tables, touching items many customers touch.
  • All iPads in the taprooms must be sanitized between each use.
  • Employees are highly encouraged to stay in their designated areas as much as possible so as to limit interaction with other employees and customers.
  • We will be sanitizing the bathrooms, bar tops, tables, etc at least every 30 minutes at all locations.
  • We will continue to adhere to all current guidelines set forth by the ABC, State, County, and City for each location.